Aegean Recipes

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if you are a foodie lover then this experience is for you! choose the ingredients and create your own dish!

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Aegean Recipes

The consumption of local food is considered to be one of the best ways to discover in part the local culture of our destination. Also, gastronomy has become one of the best selective agents for a destination.

Famous for its culinary origins Icarian cuisine is a living example of  the healthy and balanced Mediterranean diet. Get in the kitchen and get started! Our local chefs are here to show you  the magic ingredients for delicious Icarian dishes!

Grab a slice of Greek flavors and odeurs and learn how to combine herbs and spices according to secret local recipes! 


  • Island culinary orientation 
  • Local Chef
  • Flavors of Ikarian Food 
  • Traditional Recipes Preparation and Degustation
  • Use Of Herbs In Ordinary Dishes
  • Preparation of a traditional Icarian meal(wine included)

     Detailed Itinerary

     At Ikarianna's Cooking Classes you will learn all the secrets of some of the most traditional Icarian recipes with a local chef in a cosy and fun environment!In our Cooking Classes the chef will teach you how to prepare a traditional Icarian meal consisting of fish dish, meat dish and dessert in a hands-on experience!Then you will seat down and enjoy the meal you have prepared with your new foodie friends together with excellent Icarian wines.You will use fresh ingredients like vegetables, fish and meat.Olive oils, cheeses and hebs are also important ingredients of the Icarian cuisine that you will use while cooking. At the end you will know how to prepare a traditional Icarian fish dish, meat dish and a dessert that will delight your senses!You will be able to take home the recipes with the ingredients, portions and every detail allowing you to replicate them at home and impress your friends!
    Visit Ikaria and test your culinary skills in a friendly environment.

    Available Dates & Starting Time
    Dates and Hours can be customised to your wishes and can vary according to group size.
    Pivate cooking lesson
    Local Icarian Chef/instructor
    The course can also take part in a private local house
    Notes & Clarifications
    Prices vary according to group size.
    For detailed pricing and tour options please contact us.
    If you are allergic to something, please let us know.
    if you are into vegeterian or vegan lifestyle
    we can adapt the original dishes or provide a different dish.

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