Honey Bee

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Honey Bee

A brief introduction to apitherapy and hive products: In Ikarianna' s apitherapy class you can learn how these tiny insects collect their wares from the land and transform them into medicine, i.e. honey.They feed, sustain, nurture and protect their colony and hive. We learn about the miraculous properties of honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom. We find out of what use they are to you and your well being. 

 Sightseeing Highlights

  • Hive Facilities Visits
  • Honey Tasting Experience
  • Honey Culinary Uses
  • Guide by Local Beekeeper
  • Hive Products

Detailed Itinerary
Our Honey Tasting courses are an educational experience into the world of honey where you will gain the 
confidence and knowledge you need to appreciate the value of good quality honey.You will also learn the basics of honey composition, 
crystallization, defects, storage and handling of honey through tasting of several different domestic honeys. 
First, it’s important to understand why different types of honey can look and taste so distinct from one another.
Honey is made from the nectar of flowers and around the world there are thousands of different honey plants 
producing nectar and that’s one of the reasons a honey tasting can be so fun and informative as the colors, aromas and flavor profiles of each variety are endless.
The idea is to have fun and get you excited about honey while also learning about its vast flavor profiles. 
Tasting honey opens up conversations about honey bees, pollination, travel, honey plants and where our food comes from.
All attendees will receive a notebook, pencil, information sheets and a copy of the presentation's notes.
Available Dates & Starting Time
Dates and Hours can be customised to your wishes and can vary according to group size.
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