Posted on May 2, 2018     By Ikarianna   

Working holidays on Ikaria

Let’s do it again! In 2018 we are organizing the 2nd volunteer holiday on Ikaria. This means: Outside the high summer season we would like you to experience Ikaria in a different way. Besides the beaches Ikaria has a wonderful mountainous landscape that is worth to discover. But the hiking trails need some work, e. g. cleaning and marking … and this means: your hands are required. The work, which will be done in 2018, will start in Drakano – in the very East of Ikaria – and we will work on the so called “Atheras Ridge walk”, which will lead us into the direction of Mavrato.

If you are interested to be part of a group of “Friends of Ikaria”, who would like to work with Ikarians on this kind of project, you are welcome to send your subscription to: [email protected]

see facebook event here

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